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Institute of Technology is the Engineering School of Banaras Hindu University. BHU. It was founded in 1916 by the great nationalist and educationist Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya. Located on the banks of the river Ganga in the holy city of Varanasi (Banaras), Uttar Pradesh, it spans over 6 sq Km area. It is one of the oldest and largest educational Institutions in India.

Institute of Technology was formed by merging the three premier engineering institutes of Banaras Hindu University viz Banaras Engineering College (BENCO), College of Mining and Metallurgy (MINMET) and College of Technology (TECHNO). IT BHU celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in 1994.

IT BHU offers Undergraduate and Graduate level courses in almost all fields of Engineering and Technology. It is affiliated to the Indian Institutes of Technology and has a common entrance examination with them. The mission of the institute has been to develop an intellectually stimulating environment conducive to impeccable work ethos, development of solid foundation of state-of-the-art-knowledge and personality, enhancement of creativity through motivation and drive and upholding the the glory of intense Indian culture and values. For a long time, IT BHU has been playing a leading role in technological manpower development and research program comparable to the best in the world. It has been known for providing quality technological and scientific education and frontier research in various disciplines, so IT BHU students are seen to occupy key positions in Industry and academia in all over the world.

Department of Mining Engineering

Department of Mining Engineering, erstwhile College of Mining and Metallurgy (MINMET), is one of the oldest departments of IT BHU - founded in 1923. The first-ever degree courses in Mining and Metallurgy in India were pioneered at BHU. It has been a part of Institute of Technology since IT's inception in 1971.

Questions and Feedback

Why this website?
I have (and I am sure a few others like me...) surfed the net in the past looking for sites on IT BHU and any other department specific site. I came across a few sites dedicated to IT BHU and also a few site dedicated to other departments of IT BHU! There are loads of websites on IITs and specific departments of IITs.
I was disappointed to see nothing on our department on the internet. When I developed my own site, my class mate Pradeep Sharma mentioned to me the lack of a website for our department and asked me to do something on it - so here we are! our own Department of Mining Engineering, IT BHU website!
Who will update the site?
We all will !
We will have to take initiative to spread the word about the site among our fellow department mates. We need to register our details with the site as often as our contact or company information changes. We need to send our latest stamp size scanned photograph (to the mail ids given below) so that it can be put up on the student page. Any development related to department of Mining Engg., that you get information about or any other things that you want to be incorporated - pictures, new pages etc - feel free to send your feedback to or I'll make sure that the feedback is incorporated on the site as soon as possible.
What are these funny letters appended to the site name?
At the moment, this website is hosted on free webspace and hence the letters appended to the name! Plan is to move the website to a paid web server once we gather enough momentum around the website - another reason for you to actively spread the word across!

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